Some publications produced by Maximedia associates:

Peter Hulm (1983a) "A Strategy for the Seas: The Regional Seas Programme Past and Future", UNEP, 1983.[54kB]

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Peter Hulm (1989) "A Climate of Crisis", SPREP (1989)

Nikki Meith (1988) "High and Dry: Mediterranean Climate in the Twenty-first Century" (UNEP, 1988)

Nikki Meith (1985) "Corals and Coral Reefs in the Caribbean" (Caribbean Conservation Association, 1985)

Nikki Meith and Peter Hulm (1985) "International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals" (UNEP, 1985)

Nikki Meith and Peter Hulm (1985) "Hope for Tomorrow" (United Nations, 1985)

Nikki Meith (1986) "Marine Mammals" (UNEP, 1986).

Nikki Meith and Peter Hulm (1987) "Chemical Risk Control in the European Community" (CEC 1987)

Nikki Meith (2000) "Regional Seas: A survival strategy for our oceans and coasts' (UNEP, 2000) [800kB]

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