IUCN-The World Conservation Union

This was produced for IUCN's 50th anniversary in 1998 for people who needed a quick tour of IUCN but had slow connections: hence I came up with the idea of a trip round IUCN in 50 clicks.

The organization, based in Switzerland, had 4,000 pages, some very old, and some well maintained. It also had hundreds of clip art pieces of one kind or another on its site.

My thought was to use the graphics as a pleasant way to get visitors into the content of IUCN.

Putting up a mini-site as a guide/portal to complex organizations is something I have suggested to a number of institutions since then. It helped get three-year funding for proper work on the site.

The links have all changed since then, but it gives you an idea of what can be done with simple means. Of course I could do better today. At least I hope so.


Peter Hulm

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